Theatrology: Science of a Performative Civilization

The premise of this essayistic endeavor is to, over the course of ten chapters spread across three parts, which we can interchangeably designate as scenes and acts, respectively, introduce the everyday reader to the universe of Performing Arts by deconstructing the concept of «Theatrology» (a vocable nowhere to be found in a common language dictionary, whether it be Germanic or Romance, for instance) to the innate performativity (or theatricality, no less, if you will), embedded into human nature.

Criar e Produzir II

Inclui entrevistas com
Guilherme GomesJoão de BritoJorge Silva MeloMaria de VasconcelosMiguel JesusPatrícia PaixãoRicardo Neves-Neves

Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, Câmara Municipal do Montijo, Junta de Freguesia da União das Freguesias de Montijo e Afonsoeiro

European Journal of Theatre and Performance | Issue 2

Já está em linha o segundo número da revista electrónica da EASTAP - European Journal of Theatre and Performance - ISSUE 2 MAY 2020, de dedicado ao tema "PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURES OF CREATIVE PROCESSES IN THE PERFORMING ARTS".

Destacamos o artigo « ARGOS, un projet innovant d’observations de processus de création en Europe », assinado por Maria João Brilhante, Brigitte Prost, Sophie Proust & Ana Clara Santos, sobre um dos projectos em desenvolvimento no CET.

Creating and Producing

What is production? What are its different practices and ways of understanding it? What role does it play in artistic activity? What exactly does ‘production’ mean in theatre today? These were some of the issues that led to Creating and Producing: Creative Cooperation in the Performing Arts, which took place on 27th March 2017, World Theatre Day, at the Joaquim d'Almeida Cinema-Theatre, Montijo.

T.E.E.N - Booklet

At the end of our EU-project we have collected all of our experiences and findings in a booklet, and you can download it here. If you are interested in a hard copy, please contact one of the partners.

In this book you will find a description of the tools and methods that were found to be useful during the research carried out throughout the TEEN-project.