Manifestations of Sexuality(s) in the Arts

Conference Cycle – Manifestations of Sexuality(s) in the Arts

Effects and consequences of ethic, aesthetic and political order

This second cycle of conferences is part of the last stage of a postdoctoral research, by Bruno Schiappa, which aims to question the relationship between Art and Society. Having started from a relationship limited to Theater and Society, Schiappa recognized that it was a broader relationship since Art in general has an impact on the construction of society and the individual, in this order or in reverse. The space and time of expression that Art offers, result in a laboratory for (re)cognition of the individual(s) and their psychology. Eros and Thanatos are intertwined since one has the impulses of life that the other later makes vanish. These same drives are associated with libido as isolated by Freud. It is from this motto, from the theaters of the mind and body that this cycle proposes to question how Art can continue to dialogue with the public about sexuality(ies) and also what sexuality(ies) may arise in a period post pandemic.

The 1st conference, underlying the theme “Thinking about Sexuality(ies) and how we can (re)aknowledge it through the Arts”, questions and revisits the concept of sexuality. Is it confused with sexual activity or more with fantasy and desire? And how can the various sexualities be identified, in their diversity, from small signs or performative energies? How and to what extent does the (re)cognition of this diversity of sexuality(s) alter or shape our thinking? There will also be an informal and still unofficial presentation of the MSTsite, which has been built since 2018 and which will act as a deposit for contributions and research stages, in addition to presenting an extensive bibliography on the subject.

The cycle will also feature lectures by Rui Cintra, Maria João Brilhante and Luís Castro.


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