Guided tour: The theatrical path of the Inquisition in the Autos-da-Fé


The path of the auto-da-fé in which António José da Silva was burned (May 8, 1705 – October 19, 1739), Portuguese-Brazilian playwright, accused of witchcraft for making shows with puppets (the inquisitors – or the envious ones – said that the dolls were bewitched because they spoke and sang). 

For a few years I thought of making a reenactment of an auto-da-fé of the Century. XVIII. This has not been possible so far, because it requires a lot of security.

However, from the specific auto-da-fé of this playwright, it is possible to reveal this theatrical dimension and, at the same time, talk about some toponymic changes and show very narrow streets, where the carriages (coaches) barely passed, because they were made for the circulation of horses, as well as where they were, approximately, the courtyard of comedies (and here I will tell the origin of the expression “a lot of shit”) and the Hospital of All Saints, without forgetting the Palace of the St. Estaus (of the Inquisition) where today the TNDMII works, the Convent of St. Dominic (the Church that resisted, was connected to the convent that configured almost the entire area where today are hotels, a drugstore, a barbershop, etc. There will also be the opportunity to descend the beautiful stairs of Santa Luzia that lead to Alfama, near the Ribeira where the Wool Field was. There’s a whole story to tell showing heritage and how it has changed. Including Limoeiro and Aljubre.With the integration of toponymy, there will also be the performance of Fado da Travessa da Palha – current Rua dos Correeiros – and, finally, after ending at Terreiro do Paço, where replicas of the thrones were built, on a stage, of read heresies and sentences, end with a glass of wine or a port, in Cantinho da Arcádia, where Fernando Pessoa drank coffee and wrote.

What I propose is a sightseeing tour, linked to the heritage and history of the Inquisition in Portugal, with a specific episode about an auto-da-fé. The languages spoken will be Portuguese, English, French, Italian and Spanish. But each group will have to be in a single language to avoid confusion.

Price per person: 15 €
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Data de início: 30/09/2023 12:00 am


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