Book Launch: Francisco Palha and António Pinheiro in the Portuguese Theatre Biographies Collection

Colecção de Biografias do Teatro Português

Francisco Palha

Vol. 7 in the Portuguese Theatre Biographies Collection by Levi Martins

The 7th volume in this collection is on Francisco Palha (1827-1890), the main driving force behind the building of Teatro da Trindade, in Lisbon, and its first manager. Despite the recognized importance of this undertaking, which in 2017 celebrated 150 years of existence, there was a whole previous journey, forgotten up to now, which explains the success achieved with that new theatre.

The intimate way in which the author brings us closer to the Palha’s life, and the personal tone of his writing, make this reading a pleasant discovery of a theatre man, whose discreet place in our collective memory does not correspond, at all, to the real importance of his actions.

António Pinheiro

Vol. 8 in the Portuguese Theatre Biographies Collection by Eugénia Vasques

António Pinheiro (1867-1943), considered one of the most intelligent and best educated Portuguese actors of his generation, is the personality remembered by Eugénia Vasques in this biography. Supported by documentary evidence, some of which unpublished, the author guides us through Pinheiro’s long and rich artistic path. She recalls important aspects of his personal life, highlights his commitment to the associative struggle in defence of theatre professionals, all within a social and professional context that allows us to assess Pinheiro’s relationship with his peers as well as his position regarding the aesthetic trends of the time. Multiple skills, versatile spirit and hard work took his presence in the theatre beyond acting, and he also took on scene director, rehearsals director as well as being a dramaturgist and metteur-en-place. Still linked to theatrical activity, he was a professor at the Conservatory, giving his last class at the age of 70. 

Teatro Nacional D. Maria II

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