Contemplative and Actor-Performer Practices – Lecture-Demonstration and Workshop with Nara Keiserman

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CET, together with the Theatre Studies Programme at FLUL, as well as Company Studies – Research and Artistic Residences organised the Lecture-Demonstration and Workshop, “Práticas contemplativas e práticas do ator-performer” with Nara Keiserman; through the researcher, Vítor Lemos. 

The lecture was based on themes such as the artistic-pedagogical principles and procedures of the Rhapsode Actor project: research into procedures for a sign language, with an emphasis on the Current Moment, Theatre and Spirituality. There was also a stage demonstration, in which Keiserman performs texts inspired by Eastern Hindu philosophical thought and by authors such as Caio Fernando Abreu, Sílvia Nakkack, Swami Muktananda and Laurie Anderson, alternating with mantras and traditional Afro-Brazilian chants.

The workshop focused on body-voice practices, with research and creation based on “Yoga of the Voice” by Sílvia Nakkach and Alba Lírio; “Sukshma Yoga”, the Chakra System and “Body Reading” by Nereida Fontes Vilela. Such practices produce physical and subtle bodily contact, generating a state of powerful and happy presence.

Nara Keiserman is an actress, researcher and movement teacher at the Unirio Theatre School, working with both under and post graduates. She has held a post-doctoral internship at Lisbon University, being supervised by Maria João Brilhante, on “Aspectos da cena narrativa portuguesa contemporânea: Teatro Meridional, Companhia do Chapitô e Visões Úteis” [Aspects of the Contemporary Portuguese Narrative Scene: Teatro Meridional, Companhia do Chapitô and Visões Úteis]. Nara Keiserman is currently doing a post-doctoral internship at LUME Teatro, with Renato Ferracini, at Unicamp.


Target audience:

Master’s and PhD Theatre Studies and FMH students, as well as CET and INET researchers were guaranteed a place, having only to send an email by 31st May.

Others interested in attending were required to send a short biography and a brief motivation letter to the address below by 31st May.


Data de início: 06/06/2019 12:00 am


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