Fernando Arrabal: Biography, Sexuality and Modesty as Dramaturgical Sources


20th February to 22nd March at FLUL

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5 pm to 7 pm

“Talk to me with your feet. I can translate, you know? Within a haze of torn sadness, I’ll go like a mad horse. As long as the salmon are between our thighs, I’ll go like a mad horse.” – Fernando Arrabal

The post-graduate programme in the Theatre Studies organized an open course (“Biografia, Sexualidade e Puder como Fontes Dramaturgicas”) on the playwright and filmmaker, Fernando Arrabal, which was taught by CET researcher, Bruno Schiappa.

Aimed at postgraduate students in Theatre Studies, Comparative Studies, Communication and Culture, it was also open to students and researchers in cinema, theatre, psychology, philosophy and all those finding the subject fitted their interests.

As the title indicates, the programme focused on the dramaturgical sources of the aforementioned author.

Fernando Arrabal is a 20th century playwright and filmmaker, whose work derives from a close relationship between theatre and society. His work frequently deals with sexual limitations, freedoms and desires, as well as the reprisals and normative reactions coming from power, especially in relation to the norms of social and moral conduct. Still alive and creating, knowing and contextualizing Arrabal’s biography and work alongside socio-political changes is crucial for the dissemination of knowledge about this relationship.

The aim of the course was to provide information that would encourage studies on the themes and forms mentioned by researchers from different areas of knowledge – theatre, culture and society – through the reading of 3 plays and the analysis of 3 films by Arrabal.


ENROLMENTS from 15/01 to 05/02 2018

ENROLMENTS AND INFORMATION: sa.graduad@letras.ulisboa.pt

Course Fee: 40€ GENERAL – 20€ STUDENTS from the University of Lisbon

Data de início: 20/02/2018 12:00 am

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