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LAB-CENAs propõe|Grupo de Estudos

Scene, technology and politics in contemporary theater

Coordination: Héctor Briones (ICA/UFC and CET/FLUL)

This study group intends to debate about the relationship between scene and technology in contemporary theater, especially its political scopes, with emphasis on the Ibero-American context. To this end, concepts such as: event, apparatus, program, technical image, among others, will be reviewed and discussed. How do these concepts operate in the poetics of the scene today? And in what ways will it be possible to outline a critical impulse of the scene that allows us to think about our time and territory? The aim is to address these issues by considering some theatrical productions and their scenic aspects, in dialogue with theoretical texts that will be distributed and debated throughout the sessions. Special attention will be given to the place of the image in discussion and to its diverse poetic understandings, in order to outline its link with technology in the arts.

With this group, we intend to generate an instance of dialogue, that allows us to inquire into the rich intersection between theory and practice and think about the arts in the context of an eminently neoliberal present. Therefore, in parallel, this discussion will also allow us to address methodological aspects of research in scenic arts in contemporary times, especially in regards of the notion of event.

The proposal of this study group is part of the post-doctoral research at CET/FLUL (Center for Theater Studies at the University of Lisbon), by the coordinator of this group: Héctor Briones, PhD professor linked to ICA/UFC (Institute of Culture and Art of the Federal University of Ceará|Brazil). His research is titled: “Scene and Sensitivity: historical-critical paths of the relationship between theater and technology in the Ibero-American context”. This study group is offered to the academic and artistic community in a partnership between CET/FLUL and ICA/UFC.

Note: The study group has free and open registration for postgraduate students in theater and/or other artistic languages, as well as for artists in the city interested in the topic.

Venue: FLUL/ room B112 (Cidade Universitária | Alameda da Universidade, 1600-214, Lisbon)
Period: Tuesdays, from 2pm to 4.30pm (17; 24; 31/Oct; 07 and 14/Nov)
Registration: from 04 to 15 October 2023 | link:
Vacancies: 10 places.

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