sinais de cena, n.º 16

Sinais de Cena, Nr. 16

In this sixteenth issue, the archive highlights the history of the construction of the National Theatre in Porto. In the Thematic Dossier, the relations – increasingly attractive for scientists and theatre people – between science and theatre are questioned. In Applied Studies we can read the declaration of an aesthetic of its own that António Branco identifies in his article on “poor theatre”, the theoretical elaboration that Inês Lago weaves around Deleuze and Carmelo Bene and the philosophical reflection that Arthur E.A. Belloni develops about the subject in contemporary theatre. João Pedro Vaz also stands out in the Portfolio, revealing how, in Minho in 2004, five mayors (from Monção, Melgaço, Paredes de Coura, Valença and Vila Nova de Cerveira) decided to launch a theatre project such as Comédias do Minho. In Applied Studies, the relevance of the article by Joaquim Benite is underlined – a man of unusual competence and dynamism, former theatre critic, director, creator of the Campolide Theatre Group, current director of the Almada Theatre Company and notable director of the Almada International Theatre Festival. Includes an interview with Fernando Gomes. Critical essays on performances, together with the thematic dossier and academic articles, continue to structure the identity of this publication, aimed at all those interested in the performing arts.

Featured authors: Alexandra Moreira da Silva | Ana Isabel Vasconcelos | António Branco | Arthur E. A. Belloni | Carl Djerassi | Cecília Ferreira | Christine Zurbach | Constança Carvalho Homem | David Luís Casimiro | Emília Costa | Eva-Sabine Zehelein | Filomena Louro | Francesca Rayner | Inês Lago | Isabel Aleixo | João Pedro Vaz | José Alves de Carvalho | Luís Soares Carneiro | Luiz Carlos Oliveira | Maria Helena Serôdio | Mário Montenegro | Marta Bonito Cunha | Teresa Faria | Rita Martins | Rui Pina Coelho | Sebastiana Fadda | Susana Chicó


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