Sinais de Cena, Nr. 13

Sinais de cena, n.º 13

In the thirteenth issue of Sinais de Cena, the magazine maps out the field of Theatre Studies and the performing arts in Portugal in three important aspects: it promotes theoretical, critical and historical research (both in the “Applied Studies” section, and in the “Loose archive”), encourages the analysis of performances, books and online editions and guides the reader’s attention in two vital directions: on the one hand, looking at Portuguese preferences, in an attention to the artists interviewed or recalling them through a notebook of images (“Portfolio”); on the other hand, looking for a dialogue with realities from outside that are brought here to the section “News from outsider the country”. And this bifocality is also repeated in the “Thematic Dossier”, on the Prize (and Special Mentions) of Critics Prize regarding Portuguese Theatre – Jorge Silva Melo and Special Mentions for costume designer Bernardo Monteiro and director and actress Mónica Calle. Includes a Portfolio dedicated to Mário Barradas and an interview with Nuno Carinhas. In the evocation of theatrical realities in other parts of the world, the article by Tinterri, which tells us about Italian futurism, stands out. But another important crossing (now interarts) still inhabits this issue of the magazine: the attention to the “film” by Tiago Guedes about The Merchant of Venice, directed by Ricardo Pais at Teatro Nacional de São João, and an article about the choreographies of Joana Providência. Critical essays on performances, together with the thematic dossier and academic articles, continue to structure the identity of this publication, aimed at all those interested in the performing arts.

Featured authors: Alessandro Tinterri | Alexandra Moreira da Silva | Anabela Mendes | Christine Zurbach | Constança Carvalho Homem | Diana Dionísio | Fernando Matos Oliveira | Filipa Malva | Francesca Rayner | Gonçalo Furtado | Hélder Wasterlain | João Carneiro | José Alberto Ferreira | Lidia Kosovski | Lucas Cureau | Maria Helena Serôdio | Marta Oliveira | Micaela Barbosa | Nuno Carinhas | Paulo Eduardo Carvalho | Rui Pina Coelho | Sebastiana Fadda | Silvina Pereira


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