Sinais de Cena, Nr. 15

Sinais de cena, n.º 15

In the fifteenth issue of Sinais de Cena, the statements that justify the Critics Prize that the APCT jury awarded to the International Festival of Puppets and Animated Forms (FIMFA) and to João Paulo Seara Cardoso (the brilliant creator of Teatro das Marionetas do Porto), and to which are added the reasons that moved the same jury to award Special Mentions to Miguel Guilherme (for his performance in O Senhor Puntila e o seu criado Matti), to the cast of As Boas Raparigas (in the show Mulheres Profundas/Animais Superficiais) and Luís Castro / Karnart for recreating Raúl Brandão’s universe in Húmus. In the reflection on the show, curious transversalities fit in this issue: those that relate the scene to the literary text, as is done in the Loose archive about translations from French in the 19th century for the Archivo teatral collection. In Applied Studies, it is still the strength of the texts for theatre that are listed, whether in dramaturgical and scenic theorization, or in the meeting that had a mobilizing address in São Luiz at the end of last year, or in the evocation of a poetic drama that Ana Luísa Amaral woven around Prospero / Paulo Eduardo Carvalho. But it is in the Portfolio that a larger set of images is offered, corresponding to a “scene photography workshop”, conducted by Pedro Soares. Includes interview with José Luís Ferreira. Critical essays on performances, together with the thematic dossier and academic articles, continue to structure the identity of this publication, aimed at all those interested in the performing arts.

Featured authors: Alexandra Moreira da Silva | Ana Campos | Ana Clara Santos | Ana Pais | Ana Sereno | Anabela Mendes | Bruno Tackels | Constança Carvalho Homem | Cristina Guerra | Diego Barros | Eugénia Vasques | Filipe Figueiredo | João Carneiro | José Pedro Serra | Laurinda Ferreira | Maria Helena Serôdio | Mickael de Oliveira | Mónica Guerreiro | Nara Waldemar Kaiserman | Nelson Guerreiro | Paula Magalhães | Rita Martins | Rui Pina Coelho | Samuel Silva | Sebastiana Fadda


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