Sinais de Cena, Nr. 21

Sinais de cena n.º 21

In the twenty-first issue of Sinais de Cena, as has been traced in its editorial direction, the Thematic Dossier is dedicated to the award of the Critics’ Prize. Photography is the artistic subject that has been animating the OPSIS project, directed by Maria João Brilhante at the Theatre Studies Centre (CET) and which offers us, in the Portfolio of this issue, a precious collection of images that served as an exhibition at University of Lisbon’s School of Arts and Humanities. Photographs, as well as images of posters, drawings and engravings, compose the iconographic material used by Paula Magalhães to – in the Loose Archives section – recall one of the great successes of fair theatre: O processo do rasga. In the Applied Studies section, José Gabriel López Antuñano draws an important geography of new aesthetic forms in contemporary Europe and Anabela Mendes recalls the meanings and consequences of Heiner Müller’s writing. International and artistic crossing is also the subject of a workshop – with André Lepecki and Vera Mantero – that Paula Caspão gives us a careful evocation. In Applied Studies, the article on the Cassandra Project stands out. Includes interview with Tiago Rodrigues. Critical essays on performances, together with the thematic dossier and academic articles, continue to structure the identity of this publication, aimed at all those interested in the performing arts.

Featured authors: Ana Campos | Anabela Mendes | Alexandra Moreira da Silva | Christine Zurbach | Constança Carvalho Homem | Emília Costa | Elisabeth C. | Eunice Tudela de Azevedo | Joana d’Eça Leal | João Carneiro | Jorge Palinhos | José Gabriel López Antuñano | Luís Mestre | Maria Helena Serôdio | Maria João Brilhante | Paula Caspão | Paula Magalhães | Rita Martins | Rodrigo Francisco | Rui Pina Coelho | Samuel Silva | Sebastiana Fadda | Vera Santos


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