Sinais de Cena, Nr. 3

Sinais de cena n.º 3

The third issue of Sinais de Cena follows the editorial line outlined at the opening of the magazine, this time dedicated to celebrations: starting with the Critics Prize, which the jury of the Portuguese Association of Theatre Critics awarded, in its plural face and in its various foundations. Other celebrations – all centenary – occupy this issue: the death of Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, the formation among us of companies that aimed to fulfill the program that Antoine proposed of naturalism in theatre: the Teatro Livre (1904) and the Teatro Moderno (1905), the place where Irish theatre was invented at the beginning of the 20th century: the Abbey Theatre; and that of Chekov (due to the date of his death in 1904). For the Loose Archive, the inventor of Zé Povinho is remembered, in addition to the “News from outsider the country” that reports on the multiple activities promoted in Dublin at the end of 2004. A list of theatre publications is also drawn up in this issue. Critical essays on performances, together with the thematic dossier and academic articles, continue to structure the identity of this publication, aimed at all those interested in the performing arts.

Featured authors: Fernando Matos de Oliveira | Francesc Massip | Isabel Alves Costa | Jean-Pierre Wurtz | João Carneiro | João Ferreira Duarte | José Alberto Ferreira | José Miranda Justo | Luiz Francisco Rebello | Maria João Brilhante | Maria Virgílio Cambraia Lopes | Marta Brites Rosa | Miguel Falcão | Miguel-Pedro Quadrio | Mónica Guerreiro | Paulo Eduardo Carvalho | Rui Aires Augusto | Rui Cintra | Rui Pina Coelho | Susana Paiva | Tiago Bartolomeu Costa


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