Theatrology: Science of a Performative Civilization

Theatrology: Science of a Performative Civilization

The premise of this essayistic endeavor is to, over the course of ten chapters spread across three parts, which we can interchangeably designate as scenes and acts, respectively, introduce the everyday reader to the universe of Performing Arts by deconstructing the concept of «Theatrology» (a vocable nowhere to be found in a common language dictionary, whether it be Germanic or Romance, for instance) to the innate performativity (or theatricality, no less, if you will), embedded into human nature. As political beings (or “animals”, per Aristotle’s description in his ‘Nicomachean Ethics’), we are governed by three spheres of social influence: individuality, coupled interaction, and intersocial exchange. Each of these foundations matches a different part or act within this philosophical enterprise in an orderly fashion. The first is related to one’s self-knowledge, the way one perceives oneself as the player of a biographical role on the earthly stage. The second focuses on direct communication between oneself and another, regardless of the sort of bonding that may exist between us. The third comprises large-scale swapping between oneself, another, and all others, whether it be nation or worldwide, thus progressively increasing the scope of our action as characters within this mundane plane. In turn, for each given chapter or scene, the reader is encouraged to delve through several episodes depicting personal, interpersonal, and social situations from any possible circumstances they may be living or have lived themselves, which will allow them to unequivocally realize we are all simultaneously players in and observers of our spectacular quotidian, even when we thought we would never be bold enough to ever set foot on the worldly stage.


Year of publication: 2022


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