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Klein Technique™: Re-Educating Dancers and Mover

Traditional dance training has been taught incorrectly and by rote, in a reductionist and disconnected manner. As a result of this, the body and movement are continuously misunderstood. In this (Un)Safe Conversation, Susan Klein, the world-renowned dance teacher, will explore and explain, the essential concept and pedagogy of Klein technique™, raising essential questions such as “What is the body’s intelligence? How do we work with the body’s mind? Why do we work on the level of the bone? What does it mean to be grounded and connected, and why do we have to be grounded and connected to move well?  Why movement has to be enlivened through the equal use of the body’s structure, aligned through the bone, and the body’s energy? Susan will question the challenges to contemporary teaching practices and open the debate with the audience. 

The event will be held in English and the number of participants will be limited to the conference room.

Moderation: Gisela Dória
Organization: Gustavo Vicente & Maíra Santos (Centre for Theatre Studies – University of Lisbon)
Date: 30th September 2022, 18h30 | Lisbon Time (WET, GMT+1)
Venue: Travessa do Calado, 26B, Lisboa | Forum Dança

Host: Centre for Theatre Studies 
Support: Forum Dança

(Un)safe Conversations is a series of talks with invited artists, scholars, and free thinkers about the study of the arts. This is one of the Centre for Theatre Studies’ strategies to look for new forms of togetherness and collective thinking while maintaining a provocative stream of academic discussions.

Susan Klein is founder and director of the Susan Klein School of Movement and Dance. She has been developing Klein Technique since 1972, teaching dancers to use their bodies correctly thus decreasing their possibility of injury and increasing their capacity and longevity as dancers. Her work has been most influenced by Barbara Vedder, D.C., Irmgard Bartenieff, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Fritz Smith, M.D., and J.R. Worsley, D.Ac. Susan started dancing at 5 years old and by 19 years old was seriously injured. Klein Technique is a result of her personal journey to get well, and serves as a way for people to work through individual injuries, to understand the workings of their bodies, and to heal themselves. Susan has a private practice as a Movement Therapist, Certified Zero Balancer, Senior Zero Balancing Teacher, and Traditional Acupuncturist, L. Ac., M.Ac., B. Ac.(UK), Dipl. Ac.(NCCAOM).

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