Workshop: Performative Writing and Creative Devices

Led by: Cassiano Sydow Quilici

Cassiano Sydow Quilici is Professor of Theatre and Performance, UNICAMP Arts Institute, Campinas State Univ., São Paulo, and author of Antonin Artaud: Teatro e Ritual and O Ator-Performer e as Poéticas da Transformação de Si, among others. Post-doctoral student at CET, FLUL.

This workshop, “Escritas Performativas e Dispositivos de Criação”, explored different functions and writing places in performing arts creation and training processes. Traditionally linked to the work of the playwright and theory, writing here integrated diverse creative devices, involving traditional contemplative practices, body-voice exercises, readings and rewritings, production of texts in different formats, dialogues, reflections, scenic compositions and performance acts.

These strategies aimed to refine the quality of attention and presence, exploring different language games and ways of meeting the audience. It was therefore intended to create environments and situations that unveiled and produced other qualities of being together and of personal cultivation.

Some working topics:

– Writing as practice and training;

– Breathing, silence and quality of attention;

– Voice, sound, vibration, word;

– Reading, body and listening;

– Devices in pairs;

– Exploration and creation of spaces and environments;

– Crossings and walks;

– Investigation of habits;

– Text rewriting;

– Dreams, writing, scene;

– Word and absence.

 Literary and dramaturgical material was provided for the exercises and suggestions from participants were incorporated.

Venue: Cooperative Penh Sco

Address: Rua Neves Ferreira, 10B

Dates: 7th, 9th, 14th, 16th, 21st October, from 6 to 8:30 pm

Number of meetings – 5

Price: 50 euros (or 15 euros per meeting).

Maximum number of participants: 15 people.

Target Audience: artists, researchers, students, interested in general.

At the end, results were shared publicly at the Cooperativa Penha Sco.

Enrolments were made through:


Data de início: 21/10/2019 12:00 am

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