CET was created, in 1994, by Professor Osório Mateus to be a privileged stage for research into theatre studies and the training of researchers in the same field.

Historical and sociological research, together with the collection and setting of materials, which allow the study not only of Portuguese theatre, but of theatre produced and presented in Portugal, have been the Centre for Theatre Studies’ favoured fields. Our work to date has taken full advantage of new technologies to make documents more readily available to a wider audience that make it possible to tell the story of theatre in Portugal.

Recently, three research lines have been created that highlight the affinities between research carried out on individual or collective projects, whether financed or not. These are: Critical Discourses on the Performing Arts, The History of Theatre in Portugal and the Show and Theatre and Image.

CET considers the training of researchers in a field of studies begun in Portugal just over 25 years ago as an essential part of its mission. In addition to participating in initial and advanced training in artistic studies at FLUL, the Centre has partnerships with other higher education institutions, as well as public and private entities where knowledge is produced and transmitted. It regularly promotes research initiation through internships and supports many teachers, trainers and artists in becoming qualified.