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Sinais de Cena, II.5: Performing Arts and Theatre Studies Journal 

Thematic Section:

Fernando Pessoa and the performing arts Essays: Free Subject Sinais de Cena is a specialized journal in performing arts and theatre studies journal, published by the Centre for Theatre Studies (University of Lisbon), in collaboration with the Portuguese Association of Theatre Critics. Founded in 2004, the first series of the journal was directed by Maria Helena Serôdio, until 2014, and it was held by a group of theatre researchers and critics of different Portuguese and international institutions. The first issue of the second series was launched in June 2016, published by Orfeu Negro. The sections “Thematic Section” and “Essays” are peer reviewed.


Fernando Pessoa is one of the most important authors of the 20th century. Among his vast work is a fruitful dramatic production that has recently been recovered. Pessoa’s theatre occupied most of the poet’s life and resulted in a significant and varied set of plays, including prose and verse texts. Fausto, influenced by the creation of Goethe and Marlowe, the fourteen pieces of Teatro Estático, influenced by French symbolism, or Trilogia dos Gigantes, based on classical mythology, are just a few examples of his production. The next thematic dossier of the Sinais de Cena journal will be dedicated to the relationship between the work of Fernando Pessoa and the performing arts. The volume organizers invite students, researchers and professionals of the performing arts to present contributions that can expand knowledge about the dramaturgy of Pessoa and his relationship with the performing arts.


The journal Sinais de Cena keeps a permanent open call for essays on theatre studies and performing arts, without a specific subject, to be published in this section.


The anonymous article should have a maximum of six thousand (6.000) words. Deadline: 1st June 2020. Authors will be notified until the 15th June 2020. Sinais de Cena. II.5 is due to launch on January 2021.

The essay should be accompanied (in an extra sheet) by:

1. Brief biographical note (max. 250 characters)
2. Abstract in different language than the article’s (Portuguese, English, French or Spanish); maximum two hundred words.
3. Five Keywords. The Editorial Committee reserves the right to exclude articles that do not respect the requested standards. Publication guidelines available here.

All texts must be sent to:

Data de início: 15/06/2020 12:00 am


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