(Un)safe Conversations with Virgínia Kastrup & Luciana Caliman

The arts of joint attention

In this conversation we will talk about the importance of paying attention to our attention and cultivating attentional regimes that strengthen our careful correspondence with the world. It is about practicing the arts of joint attention, an invitation to think about attention beyond the individual, as a fundamental process in the constitution of relational networks that articulate humans and non-humans.

Newsletter ARTHE - Archiving Theatre

The ARTHE project team invites everyone to sign up for this newsletter, a portal to explore the activities of our research. Get to know the work being developed by our investigators, discover documents found in archives, and follow our visits to the archives of the artistic structures participating in the project. We will regularly share experiences, discoveries, and results of our work.


Book of mine what do you wait for? Towards a history of the Copilaçam de todalas obras, by Gil Vicente

In this episode, Professor Márcio Muniz from the Federal University of Bahia carries out a fine reading of Gil Vicente's Compilaçam de todalas obras de Gil Vicente (1562), presenting a history of reading in which he addresses questions of the composition of the book, the paratexts, theatre genres, etc. Professor Vanda Anastácio from the Centre for Classical Studies of the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon is the interlocutor of this dialogue.

CALL FOR PAPERS: Mulheres em palco: dos bastidores à ribalta. A mulher no teatro até ao século XIX

Since its origin, the History of Theatre has been built by male names. However, it is unthinkable that women have not also had an important role in this construction. Besides existing as characters, their contributions as performers, playwrights, composers, entrepreneurs, patrons, scenographers or costume designers, among a broad range of other functions, were fundamental to the development of the theatrical practice.

Pensar a marioneta. FIMFA Lx. Conversas e reflexões

This publication was born from the desire to capture, share and disseminate talks, interviews and theatre reviews held during FIMFA Lx21 with companies and puppeteers, Portuguese and foreign researchers, such as Teatro de Marionetas do Porto, Teatro de Ferro, Patrick Sims, Christine Zurbach, Didier Plassard and Bonecos de Santo Aleixo, as well as an interview with the artistic direction of A Tarumba/FIMFA.


This book is the result of a study that shifted sexualities from the realm of sexual behavior or act to that of fantasy. Like the previous one, it questions, renews, innovates and returns to concepts. The mind has an experience by proxy that does not go through its exercise but, rather, through the association of images that make the erogenous zones vibrate, being, the greatest of all, the brain. To what extent the arts play a strong role in aesthetic, ethical and political changes about the individual is what you will discover in these pages. And with concrete examples.